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Your home will become warmer in winter with fleece blankets. Imagine the best for the whole family. Cotton blankets have many uses, many people think that it just makes the bedroom more warm, however, the blanket is indispensable when we sit on the sofa and enjoy the TV series with the family. A warm Christmas atmosphere is exactly what the blankets will contribute to. Another way, you can enjoy it when you take it camping with family and friends, the blankets can make your morning more warm.

Meaning of Blanket

The fleece blanket promises a breathable and lightweight feeling due to the materials of premium microfiber fabric. Fleece is king when it comes to fluffy softness. As such, the personalized fleece baby blanket is a cuddle necessity. This 100% polyester rectangle supports printing on one side. These items are preconstructed before printing, so exact symmetry is not guaranteed. Its double-sided design offers you different senses of softness to improve your sleep. This plush blanket also provides fade resistance and elasticity to keep its shape.
Lots of sizes for you to choose the right blanket for your requirements. Panelory will guarantee its thickness and warmth. We are trusted by our customers for quality assurance. The designs will be printed with the best techniques, and it could be a great gift for friends, parents, children, grandparents this winter.

Our Blanket

Choose for yourself a favorite pattern, choose for others a meaningful message and put together the most beautiful pieces for your merry Christmas.
Printed in the United States – Worldwide Delivery
Production time: 4 – 6 business days

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