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Our beautiful coffee mugs

Coffee mugs are made of fine quality ceramics, coated with glaze with interesting designs that will surely make you more satisfied than ever. These mugs in standard 11 and 15 oz sizes are a gift that anyone wants to decorate their home with. Enjoy great hot tea and chocolate while chatting with someone in the family, with your parents or with friends. Coffee mugs will make your story more open and fun if it speaks to your taste, in other words, choosing the right mug will highlight your personality.

The perfect choice of coffee mugs

We encourage you to choose mugs that match the holiday or other people’s preferences as a gift for them. At the end of the year or meeting, a cute coffee mug will be an appropriate choice. Not only that, it also shows how well you understand the person. Own a coffee mug at Panetory to feel its quality. Especially, we always deliver the goods with the utmost care to ensure that the ceramic mug is always safe.

Benefits of a coffee mug

Let’s take a look at the outstanding features of this coffee mug

  • Microwave-safe: Mug can be safely placed in microwave for food or liquid heating
  • Suitable for dishwasher use
  • Lead and BPA free

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